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JC Walker Brothers
Was established in 1889. Almost 100 years later, Seaside Brand clams were first cultured by Tom and Wade Walker. At this point in the early 1980's traditional farming techniques were becoming less productive and many people were doubtful of clam farming, still in its experimental stages. However after a few years of hard work, dedication, and of course trial and error, J C Walker Brothers began to consistently harvest substantial clam crops by the late 1980’s.
Our History
By the year 2014 JC Walker Brothers will be in its 125th year of seafood production; we control hundreds of acres of shellfish leases and can provide you with year around product even when many of our locations are ice bound. Drawing from cumulative knowledge of 6 Walker generations in operating fish traps, oyster packing houses, and currently a successful clam and oyster aquaculture company assure that we will provide consistent product to our distributors.
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125 Years Of Seafood Production By 6 Walker Generations

Willis Wharf Circa 1930's

Delivery Truck 1920's
Tom Walker 1984

Oyster Watchmen 1960's